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About: Välkommen

3D Creator + Designer

My name is Sara and I am 27 years old.

I would describe myself as a creative soul with the heart in the right place. Ever since I was a child I have always been drawing, gluing and cutting in some way. Something I love to do whenever I get a chance is scrapbooking; putting all my photos in an album and then decorating it. 

Others would describe me as a hard worker. I always give a hundred percent in everything I do, whether I am at the gym, at work, or in school. One of my many superpowers is problem-solving, I get a rush figuring things out and getting things done. 

The concept of how people live in different places and spaces has always fascinated me. This can be reflected by my previous obsession of The Sims. I have had great use of my curiosity when studying design and sustainability, where I have found social sustainability to be my heart issue. During my design education, I was excited to learn more about how the surrounding environment affects us humans. For example how color has a big impact on how we feel and thrive in different spaces.  

Today I study Architecture Visualization at Yrgo, Gothenburg. I have finally found the tools that allow me to concretize my thoughts and ideas, and communicate them to others. Archviz unites everything I am passionate about - architecture, interior design, sustainability and creative creation!

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